Abfabfitness aims to help women look and feel in the best health, fitness and wellness through every stage of life  (soon from ante natal right through menopause and beyond)


Are you a busy wife, mother, partner, businesswoman who constantly puts everyone else first?

Wondering why you’ve got no energy, can’t shift the stubborn weight gain that has crept on over the past few years,are constantly tired?

Tried loads of fitness fads over the years but can’t seem to find the one that works for you; that you enjoy?

Dont want to work out with, or be taught by someone who doesnt understand your needs at this particaular stage of your life?

That’s why I set up Abfabfitness.

This is a place where like-minded women can work out together, share experiences, and feel comfortable whether your goal is simply to have fun, get fit or lose weight.

Abfabfitness is a community. A place to escape to. A fun environment to meet old and new girlfriends.

Come and join us this week for an open and informal chat about how you can achieve your goals.

Need any help, an explanation or just a little advice, please feel free to  contact Andrea for an informal chat.