Mission Statement: To empower women through safe, effective and functional fitness. Forging links with the community and , through sound education in health, fitness and nutrition, to create a healthier future for this and following generations.


Abfabfitness was founded by Andrea Riddoch and Bev Wright.

Bev and Andrea have had a major impact on the health and fitness of the people of Leeds over the past 20 years!

Their careers in health and fitness include a variety of skills from sizzlin’ salsa to result- driven HIIT(high intensity interval training). Having taught in clubs for many years, they went on to build a business in the community, making their talents more accessible to everyone, and allowing them to indulge their ongoing creativity and passion for new and exciting fitness innovations.

Unfortunately Bev has recently decided  to leave the business due to ill health and spend more time relaxing at home but Andrea is committed to offering  clients fun classes in the community which are effective, empowering and uplifting.

When you decide to join a class at Abfabfitness, you will feel the warmth of the group but will still be treated as an individual, ensuring that you are eager to return and continue your journey to health and well being.

You will soon look as good as you feel, and feel as good as you look!